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    Ever wondered what could be done to provide relief from the heat at an event where participants have no options other than maybe drinking water or pouring water over themselves to cool down?


    Or, having someone suffering from a heat-related illness maybe at a sporting event, fair or festival and not having the facilities to address it and provide immediate relief?


    Perhaps you want to set up a tent cooling station but cannot figure out how and where to provide the maximum benefit to your participants allowing them to comfortably enjoy the venue.


    According to the American Red Cross, more people die from heat related illnesses than all natural disasters (worldwide!) combined.


    This is where Mist Masters Outdoor Cooling Systems can come to your rescue! Based in Kennesaw, GA, we provide cooling stations designed to provide evaporative cooling to care for and prevent heat-related illnesses for any outdoor activities. We offer a full turnkey solution which provides complete setup and breakdown, as well as maintenance. Sales and lease options are available for our cooling stations with customization available. Our services and products are offered throughout the Atlanta Metro area and nationwide.

    Mist Masters at the 2017 Tour Championship FedEx Cup

    Cam Newton Football Camp 2017 Cartersville, GA

    Mist Masters – Providing a Cool Sanctuary Out of the Heat!

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    Dog Kennel Install at Pet Suites of America 2017

    Misting Install at Chick-fil-a 2017 Atlanta, GA

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    The Best in Outdoor Cooling Services

    Mist Masters Outdoor Cooling Systems also provides outdoor cooling services that are designed to offer industrial cooling to large gatherings such as family reunions, construction sites, sporting events, or any other outdoor activities, where keeping your audience cool becomes a high priority. The systems used for this are the same systems used by the NFL Football teams.

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    We offer top-notch outdoor cooling products services for residential, industrial and commercial installs across the Metro Atlanta area and nationwide. We offer free price quotes. Our quotes are based on square footage, parts and labor.