Three Stages of Heat Related Illnesses:

  • First stage is heat cramps in the muscles. These cramps can be very painful. If you are caring for a person who has heat cramps, have him or her stop activity and rest.

  • Second stage of heat related illnesses is often referred to as heat exhaustion. Symptoms Include the skin becoming noticeably red after physical activity, headache, dizziness, and weakness accompanied by nausea.

  • Third stage, the most serious stage, would be a heat stroke also known as a sunstroke. The victim’s temperature control system which produces sweating to cool the body stops working. Symptoms include vomiting, loss of consciousness, high body temperature (up to 105°F), weak pulse and shallow breathing. This stage is considered life threatening and one should call 9-1-1.

  • Global Warming: Global Warming is the change in the earth’s atmosphere and weather patterns due to climate-forcing gases like carbon dioxide and black carbon. Global Warming is one of our toughest environmental challenges threatening the health of people around the world. Impact from climate change to our environment will definitely contribute to an increase in heat related illnesses. According to several studies a solution to this issue may have the greatest impact on our environment avoiding many health issues caused by climate changes.

  • Prevention: The last and most important component to addressing heat related illnesses is prevention and care. Prevention remains the cornerstone of therapy. As the number of people participating in athletic activities increases, and the duration of those events increase, heat related illnesses increase. Using a cooling system can help in the recovery process if one is overexposed to heat.

Benefits of Using Our Cooling Systems

According to the Red Cross the number one treatment of heat related illnesses is to cool the body temperature. The systems we use provide 1000 psi of air pressure and water, which independent laboratories have proven a 30 F temperature drop using regular tap water. This system is commonly seen on sidelines of the NFL football games. All of our systems are self-contained and maintained.

Currently, there is major concern regarding women in their child-bearing years facing the threat of the Zika virus. Our cooling systems help thwart mosquitoes and other insects as they do not like mist. Also, you may use these systems to keep your farms and animals cool (and keep the bugs away from them too!).

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