Why Choose Mist Masters Outdoor Cooling Systems?

Here at Mist Masters Outdoor Cooling Systems in Kennesaw, GA, we provide our residential, commercial and industrial clients in the Atlanta Metro area with prepackaged evaporative cooling systems. We have a company logo option available where you can purchase the tent cooling station and have your company logo put on it.

Why Choose Us

Outdoor Climate Control Business Since 1996

Our owner, Stan Slade has been in the outdoor climate control business since 1996 and is well known for his expertise in this field. From tent-based cooling stations to standalone misting fans, we offer it all!

Misting lines are available in different lengths using a high pressure nylon able to withstand up to 1200 psi. Cooling stations are tent-based and come pre-assembled with mist lines and nozzles, as well as the pump system.

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Cooling station tents are available to buy with the option to add your company logo. All cooling stations come equipped with a pump system. Pump systems come with a 1-year warranty.